Clem / Landolt - the Missing (marked) finding charts

J.L. Clem and A. U. Landolt have published a paper which greatly expands the number of UBVRI photometric standard stars beyond the various venerable papers of Landolt (ASTRONOMICAL JOURNAL 146, p.88 2013). The electronic version of this paper has a list of the RA and DEC, magnitudes and colors for over 40,000 stars. The electronic version also has images of the fields, but the stars are **NOT** marked on the images. This makes it difficult to select stars to use. I wrote some scripts to take the RA and DEC of the stars and field centers and produce images with the stars labeled. (The labels are placed without manual intervention, so that some labels are on top of other labels or on top of other stars.) So far I have produced marked images for the fields I have used in the past, and only for the central 13x13 arcmin of the larger fields published.

PG0231+051. 02h 31m +05 deg

Feige24. 02h 35m +04deg

SA95-F2. 03h 38m +01deg

GD71. 05h 52m +16deg

SA98. 06h 52m -00deg

PG0918+029 09h 21m +03deg

PG0942-029. 09h 45m -03deg

GD108. 10h 01m -08deg

PG1047+003. 10h 50m -00deg

G163-050. 11h 08m -05deg

PG1323-086 13h 26m -09deg

PG1407-013. 14h 10m -01deg

PG1525-071. 15h 28m -07deg

PG1633+099. 16h 35m +10deg

PG1657+078. 16h 59m +08deg

SA110_SF2. 18h 43m +00deg

SA110_SF3. 18h 43m +01deg

G093-048. 21h 52m +02deg

PG2213-006 22h 16m -00deg

GD246. 23h 12m +11deg