ASTR 2513 FALL 2011

Here are copies of images and other materials used in ASTR2513 Fall 2011.

Wednesday, August 24 Kepler's Laws, Newtons's Laws, Venus and Moon phases

Monday, August 29 Mars retrograde loops, geosynchronous satellites

Wednesday, August 31 potential energy (PE) and kinetic energy (KE) in orbits, Hohmann orbits, "n-body" problem

Wednesday, September 7 "weightlessness" and free fall, solar and lunar eclipses

Monday, September 12 Solar system overview

Wednesday, September 14 Asteroids

Monday, September 19 Kuiper Belt and comets

Wednesday, September 21 Finish KBOs and comets; "Asteroids: Deadly Impacts" DVD

Monday, September 26 Meteorites and Impacts

Wednesday, September 28 zodiacal light ; radar ; inner planet "days"

Monday, October 3 Equation of hydrostatic equilibrium; barometric equation; P and T vs height in Earths atmosphere and ocean; Earth and Mercury internal structure

Wednesday, October 5 Venus ; Earth and Moon ; atmospheres of inner planets

Monday, October 10 No class

Wednesday, October 12 Mars; Giant planets

Monday, October 17 celestial sphere, seasons, star paths in sky

Wednesday, October 19 midterm exam

Monday, October 24 things in sky

Wednesday, November 2 EMR; telescopes

Monday, November 7 The Bigger the Better