ASTR 1504/1514

Syllabus (pdf) Here is the syllabus (in pdf format). This does not contain the 5 cartoons that were on the paper syllabus handed out, as they were added using the xerox machine. The cartoons were just for comic relief.

Here are copies of transparencies and computer images from ASTR1504/1514 (Romanishin lecture - MWF 9:30 Spring 2011).

Friday, Jan 21 phases and rotation of moon

Monday, Jan 24 lunar and solar eclipses

Wednesday, Jan 26 celestial sphere; daily star paths across sky

Friday, Jan 28 Sun path across sky; seasons; zodiac

Monday, Jan 31 planets; Greek geocentric system; Copernicus and heliocentric system

Wednesday, Feb 2 -- OU closed due to weather

Friday, Feb 4 -- OU closed due to weather

Monday, Feb 7 Earthshine, Tycho, Kepler, ellipses, Galileo and Jupiter and Venus - stars through year

Wednesday, Feb 9 -- OU closed due to weather

Friday, Feb 11 SAMPLE QUESTIONS FOR 1st EXAM; Newtons laws of motion, law of gravity, orbits, tides

Monday, Feb 14 and Wednesday Feb 16 electromagnetic radiation; speed of light; cameras ; telescopes ; CCD ; telescopes in space; radio telescopes

Friday, 18 February - Exam number 1

Monday, Feb 21 atoms ; elements ; 3 types of spectra ; neon lights ; Kelvin scale ; blackbody radiation

Wednesday, Feb 23 molecules, chemical reactions, distance and power of Sun, nuclear fission and fusion, A-bombs and H-bombs

Friday, Feb 25 score distribution ; Sun core and radiative/ convective zone ; life and death of stars ; solar activity

Monday 28 February- DVD "Life and Death of Stars"

Wednesday 2 March - DVD "Supernova"

Friday 4 March - day off- DrBill in Arizona

Monday, Mar 7 gravity vs. pressure , inverse square law, HR diagram

Wednesday, Mar 9 stellar parallax, binary stars, HR with masses

Friday, Mar 11 interstellar medium, 3 types of nebula, molecules in space

March 14- 18 = SPRING BREAK!!

Monday, Mar 21 fate of Sun ; red giant star ; planetary nebula ; white dwarf

Wednesday, Mar 23 core collapse supernova ; Crab Nebula ; pulsars and neutron remnant

March 25= *********** 2nd Midterm *******************

March 28 (Monday) Solar System intro tour

Wednesday, Mar 30 plate tectonics ; geological activity ; internal structure of Earth

Friday 1 April pictures of aliens ; my ride to Venus and back with the aliens

Monday 4 April surfaces of Mercury, Venus and Moon; Apollo program; origin of Moon

Wednesday 6 April Mars: Myths and Realities

Friday 8 April atmospheres of Venus and Earth; global warming and CO2

Monday 11 April asteroids

Wednesday 13 April Reading for exam 3 ; Jupiter and Saturn; moons (Io, Europa and Titan) ; Galileo and Cassini

Friday 15 April Gene Shoemaker- RIP ; comets

Monday 18 April comet reservoirs ; Oort Cloud; Kuiper Belt; the 8 planets; dwarf planets (Pluto and Eris)

Wednesday 20 April brief remarks of life in universe; search for exoplanets

Friday 29 April Milky Way galaxy

Monday 2 May other galaxies ; Andromeda; Hubble Deep Field ; Hubble Law

Wednesday 4 May AGNs (active galactic nuclei); radio galaxies ; quasars ; supermassive black holes

Friday 6 May cosmology ; hot big bang ; helium ; cosmic microwave background ; Earthrise over Luna (with apologies to Ansel Adams, who took the famous picture "Moonrise over Hernandez")

Stuff for Final